Workers Comp & Car Crash

We are happy to provide treatment to Ohio's injured workers.

We open new workers compensation claims for injured workers and are happy to review old claims.  You do not need a referral to Dr. Jason to be seen under Ohio Workers Compensation.

Dr. Jason is OBWC certified and can be your physician of record for your claim. It is important to have a physician of record to provide treatment as well a co-ordination of care such as referring to orthopedics, pain management or neurology as well as ordering diagnostic studies such as MRI's.

The physician of record also provides reports to your attorney (if you have one) to be used at hearings in the scenario when treatments or referrals are denied.

Car Accidents

Car crashes are never fun. I would always recommend that after a crash you get a thorough examination for injuries, even if they aren't apparent the day of the accident. Sometimes injuries can reveal themselves months after the accident. I always stress the importance of being evaluated by a qualified practitioner after a crash. Again a referral is not needed to be seen.

With Workers Compensation or Car Accident Claims you may not always need an attorney. We are happy to work with your attorney or refer you to an attorney if you wish to have one.


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